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extern LED (blue)

extern LED (blue)

Connect this LED to the AUX-Connector of your HV-SmokeDriver and get all the signals from the internal LED also at the blue external LED.

blue LED with 5mm diameter
150mm cabel length

9,50€(VAT incl.) Add
Adapter lead MPX/JR

Adapter lead MPX/JR

MPX female / JR female

9,50€(VAT incl.) Add
Recoil valve made by Festo

Recoil valve made by Festo

This small valve can be inserted between the pump and the Y-junction.
The valve prevents oil from leaking via the pump and the tubes while the model is idling.

16,50€(VAT incl.) Add
Festo valve GR-QS-4

Festo valve GR-QS-4

One-way flow control function
Push-in connector for tubing (4mm)

As spare part or as upgrade to our Smoke-Sets.
Please select an option.

19,95€(VAT incl.) Add
Mounting set

Mounting set

Two Aluminium brackets to install the Smoke tube at your Aircraft.
Easy screw the bracket with 3mm screws to the wingtips (for example)
and mount the Smoketube withe the cable ties.

dimension: 80mm x 15mm x 10mm (L x b x h)
weight : 9g

Klick - For more pictures

29,00€(VAT incl.) Add
2/3 way magnetic valve

2/3 way magnetic valve

To control Center-Smoke you will need the magnetic valve.
Using our SmokeDriver you can switch between wing tip smoke and center smoke.

49,00€(VAT incl.) Add
BlueCom™ Adapter

BlueCom™ Adapter

Wireless connection from G-Force SmokeDriver
to yor mobile device.

49,50€(VAT incl.) Add
Sensor Hopper

Sensor Hopper

This small (100ml) Hopper tank is designed to be mounted between the SmokePump and the Smoke-Oil tank. The sensor is connected to the SmokeDriver and signals if it detects air in the tank. If the GF-SmokeDriver should detect air in the tank, it will shut down the smoke device completely.

The tank includes an approximately 40cm tube and connectors. (For more pictures please click on the picture).

Physical dimensions: 40 x 32 x 115 (L x W x H)
Tank content.......: 100ml
Weight...............: 30g
Sensor connector..: JR

59,00€(VAT incl.) Add
Smoke-EL (s)

Smoke-EL (s)

You can order our evaporator also as an spare part.

Technical Data:
Length 180mm, Diameter 20mm, Weight 130g
Power Consumpt. 24A (max. at 22V)
Oil Consumpt./min. 30ml/min RedOil

Teflon-hose, Hose connector

165,00€(VAT incl.) Add
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